This is our crop of "WEANVAC" calves from the spring of 2008.

 CALVESAt calving time they receive a Selenium /Vitamin E shot, an ear tag, and sometimes are banded.  They begin calving in April and the majority of them are born within a two- month period.  After birth they go out on pasture for the summer and in August are weaned.  They have not been implanted.  These are natural calves.

They are being preconditioned on a corn silage and hayCALVES diet ever since weaning.  We do supplement them with a small amount of grain and pellets daily.  They are on Pfizers “Wean Vac” Health Program.  We will feed them until March or April when we use up the feed or when someone wants to buy them.
  This year,CALVES 2009, we are going to run the calves one paddock ahead of the cows to better utilize the pastures. We will sell them as yearlings or when someone would like them.

We have been raising and selling calves many years through the sale barns, but I would like to partner with a finisher so that I could better prepare the calves for the next finishing operation and could get cut-out data to improve the herd.  This would facilitate a farm-to-farm transfer rather than co-mingling with a sale barn.  We will do a private treaty sale if so desired.

I would like to personally invite anyone interested in these cattle to come and see them at the farm and to feel free to call me with any questions at 815-238-3255. 
Carl Morsbach, Morsbach Farms.