Morsbach Farms is a working cow/calf  farm.  That  means we have a herd (about 100 mother cows whose home is on the farm.  In the spring, each cow will have a calf and will take care of it all summer and fall.  In the fall, we wean the calves and put up enough food for the winter in the two feeding areas where the cows and calves will spend the winter months.  Winter FeedingWe put up large bags of silage for winter feed.  In the spring we will sell last year’s calves (about 1 year old) to make room for the new calves. 

Spring is a busy time.  We try to have the calves born in April and May so the moms have all summer to spend in the pasture eating freshCAlf Feeding grass and giving the best milk for the calves to grow.  Also, spring is the time we need to get the soil ready to plant.  Corn and alfalfa (to harvest in the fall) in order to feed everyone through the long winter.  It is also the time Mother Nature is changing from the cold solid snow-covered soil to a warm, dry firm soil.  This change is called mud!  Some years it’s a real challenge … but, that’s farming!

 Our next door neighbor does the same type of farming, but he raises buffalo.

Grazing TimeOur farm lies along the lower Chippewa River at Ella, Wisconsin across the river from and north of the Tiffany Wildlife Area.   It’s a little over 800 acres of rolling hills and valleys overlooking the river.  We raise beef cattle and grow crops to feed them in the wintertime.  The farm is at Ella, Wisconsin but the actual address is Arkansaw (not Arkansas), Wisconsin.  We’re in the back hills and spell differently.  Sorry about living 27 miles from nowhere, but it’s wonderful!  You’ll have to visit sometime and let the peaks and valleys of your mind level out.

We have two extra homes on the property that we allow people who would like to have a country experience stay in.  When you grow up and live here you get accustomed to the ever-changing beauty of the surrounding hills and the variety of birds and animals that are … just around.

There is a beautiful spot to park a motor home on the banks of the Chippewa River.  This is not a campground.  There is no running water (except the river), no sewer, no electricity, no access road, and no neighbors, just wilderness!